Our Community Need

All Susan G. Komen affiliates are required to complete a Community Profile which is an assessment of the state of breast cancer in their service area. The Community Profile identifies populations most in need of breast services and gaps in breast services that must be addressed to improve breast health in our community.

Komen Nevada uses the Community Profile to guide how we can best use our resources to fill the identified gaps and improve our communities’ breast health. The report identifies key priorities that Komen Nevada adopts to provide the framework for annual operating goals and mission activities, including our community grants program.

The Community Profile includes:

  • demographics, such as population by age, race, ethnicity and income level
  • breast cancer statistics, such as screening, incidence and mortality rates
  • an assessment of current services for breast cancer screening and treatment in the community
  • a survey of the community’s beliefs and attitudes about breast cancer through interviews with key informants

Priorities identified in the 2015 Komen Southern Nevada Community Profile Report:

  • To increase regular mammography screening percentages in Nye County by strengthening the Affiliate’s current partnership with the Nevada Health Centers Mammovan, the health departments in Pahrump and Tonopah and the community nurses’ clinics
  • To eliminate barriers that impede women with suspicious mammograms in moving along the Continuum of Care
  • To increase culturally sensitive outreach by providing small group information workshops to individuals of different cultural/ethnic backgrounds in cooperation with local organizations in North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5
  • To enhance cultural competencies of health care providers throughout the Las Vegas Valley that provide services to residents of North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5
  • To increase the number of health services and providers available in North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5 by funding health systems partnerships to increase access to services

Priorities identified in the 2015 Komen Northern Nevada Community Profile Report:

  • In order to reduce the number of late-stage diagnoses in Reno/Sparks Metropolitan Area (Washoe County) and Carson City, programs that provide access to screening and diagnostic services will be a funding priority
  • To increase number of insured women in target communities who use their breast cancer screening benefits and the number of uninsured women who access free breast cancer screening services
  • To reduce the burden of a breast cancer treatment for individuals seeking treatment in Reno/Sparks Metropolitan Area and Carson City
  • To explore opportunities to collaborate with community partners to develop or support resources that specifically address the needs to individuals with metastatic breast cancer

Click here to download a copy of the 2015 Southern Nevada Community Profile
Click here to download a copy of the 2015 Northern Nevada Community Profile