Current Community Grants

Susan G. Komen Nevada is proud to fund a variety of community-based breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment projects for the medically underserved. These projects have been selected by our independent Grant Review Panel as those that will have the greatest impact in serving uninsured and underinsured women in our service area.

Please note that Susan G. Komen® is not a direct service provider.


Access to Healthcare Network
AHN is requesting $50,000 to provide breast cancer treatment to a minimum of 25 uninsured/underinsured women living in the Reno/Sparks area and Carson City. AHN will use its Medical Discount Plan (MDP) and partnerships with medical providers who offer services to AHN members at deeply discounted rates (up to 70%), to provide each woman with up to $2,000 in breast cancer medical care. Utilizing AHN’s MDP and collaborating providers to provide breast cancer treatment ensures that Komen funds are able to help as many women as possible. It is anticipated that this project will contribute to a decrease in breast cancer mortality rates in the Reno/Sparks and Carson City areas by increasing the number of uninsured/underinsured women who have participate in breast cancer treatment, a majority of whom would otherwise have no access to care and are at-risk of dying. To monitor progress towards this outcome, AHN will measure the number of women served.
Phone: 775-284-8989 or visit

Community Health Alliance
The purpose of CHA’s Hispanic Breast Health Program is to improve access and provide outreach, one-on-one education, breast cancer screening, diagnostic services and treatment support in Washoe County to 400 unduplicated, low-income, uninsured or underinsured patients, the majority of whom are Hispanic. CHA will select patients for services who have no other source of care. The 2016 Uniform Data System report for CHA shows that 60% of our patients are of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. By removing cost barriers to screening and diagnostic services, and by addressing other access barriers through the use of a navigator, CHA expects to see fewer cases of later-stage diagnoses of breast cancer. Therefore, we expect to support the goal of fewer deaths due to breast cancer. CHA will provide breast cancer education, screening and diagnostic services, and patient navigation to 400 patients, 60% of whom will be Hispanic/Latino. We will track later-stage breast cancer rates using public data.

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation
Many breast cancer patients in treatment in Southern NV are in financial need of basic and daily living needs such as mortgage, rent, utilities, food, car payments, and health insurance/COBRA premiums. Additionally, there is a need for no cost screening mammograms for uninsured/underinsured patients. ORION will provide support to breast cancer patients receiving treatment for their disease who are in dire financial need for daily basic living needs. If approved for an SGK Community Grant, ORION will provide financial funding for up to 40 breast cancer patients in treatment with an average of $725 ($29,000) for basic living needs. Also, up to 20 patients will receive no cost screenings ($1,000). Patients in treatment will have some financial relief within a week of their ORION application being approved so they may focus on their fight and mammograms will be arranged quickly for those in need. We measure success with patients by the quick fulfillment of their needs.

Nevada Health Foundation
The Mammovan will travel throughout Nevada communities providing women living in medically underserved areas with access to mammograms and breast health education. The need that will be addressed by the program is the increase in access to mammography screening services. The Mammovan’s target population to be served with this grant is low income, uninsured, and underinsured women ages 40+ living in the urban medically underserved areas of Washoe County’s Metropolitan Areas of Reno/Sparks, Las Vegas (primarily North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 & 5), and Carson City. Our key activities include providing Komen supported breast health education and screening mammograms aiding in the early detection of breast cancer. For the 2018 grant cycle, The Mammovan expects to screen over 3,000 women; 350 women with this Komen Nevada request. The Mammovan Program’s results will include increased access to potentially life-saving screenings and early detection supporting better outcomes.
Phone: 877.581.6266

Reno Cancer Foundation
Reno Cancer Foundation uses Komen funding to reduce barriers to quality breast cancer care by addressing the medical and psychosocial needs of patients living with metastatic breast cancer. Financial assistance is provided to ten to fifteen metastatic breast cancer patients who cannot afford the essentials of daily living. Key activities include paying for mortgage or rent, utilities, and groceries; health insurance or COBRA premiums, deductibles and co-pays; and transportation and housing during care. Assistance is available to metastatic breast cancer patients in Washoe County and Carson City including uninsured or underinsured, minority populations, low-income patients and patients of all ages. This project will result in an increase in Northern Nevada metastatic breast cancer patients having access to needed care and treatment as measured by the number of patients served and amount of assistance patients receive.

Renown Health Foundation
Renown is committed to provide comprehensive integrated care for patients. Low-income, under-served women in Washoe County and Carson City face economic and psychological barriers to access breast screening services. This request will allow Renown and Komen to jointly support up to 150 free mammography screening/diagnostic services for under-served, low-income and/or minority women age 35 to 65 to increase screening for those who have gone two years or more without screening. Activities: * Communicate with front line agencies working with minorities and under served in Washoe county that Renown has free screening/diagnostic services for qualifying clients, including minorities. * Place materials in Renown’s Emergency Dept. outlining program services. * Develop and place posters in physician offices emphasizing screening and program availability Results: Conforms to Federal Healthy People 2020 objective to reduce breast cancer deaths and late-stage diagnoses.

St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation
The program’s goal is to provide clinical breast health screenings to women age 49 and younger who are uninsured or under-insured to enable the early identification and treatment of breast cancer in order to reduce late-stage breast cancer diagnosis and breast cancer mortality. Additionally, the program provides treatment to those diagnosed with breast cancer, ensuring a continuum of quality care. We will serve residents of Clark County with a focus on North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5. The program is the only provider of free breast health services to this age group in southern Nevada. With the support of Susan G. Komen Nevada, the program will provide: 1) 96 diagnostic mammograms; 2) 30 clinical breast examinations; 3) 80 physician follow-up examiniations; 4) 131 breast ultrasounds; 5) 27 biopsies; and 6) 27 surgical consultations. Through the R.E.D. Rose Program, we expect to serve a similar number of unduplicated individuals as last year, around 500-550.                                              

St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation
The program’s goal is to ensure quality of care by providing financial support to those women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and who demonstrate a financial need. With the support of Susan G. Komen Nevada, the program will provide 28 clients undergoing treatment for breast cancer with financial assistance for housing, utilities, food, and transportation. We will serve residents of Clark County with a focus on North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5. This support will enable the clients to complete their medical treatment. We will track the number of clients, amount of support provided, and purpose of support.