Current Community Grants

Susan G. Komen Nevada is proud to fund a variety of community-based breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment projects for the medically underserved. These projects have been selected by our independent Grant Review Panel as those that will have the greatest impact in serving uninsured and underinsured women in our service area.

Please note that Susan G. Komen® is not a direct service provider.


St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation
Engelstad Foundation R.E.D Rose Program
The program’s goal is to provide clinical breast health screenings to women age 40 and younger who are uninsured or under-insured to enable the early identification and treatment of breast cancer in order to reduce late-stage breast cancer diagnosis and breast cancer mortality. Additionally, the program provides treatment to those diagnosed with breast cancer, ensuring a continuum of quality care. We will serve residents of Clark County with a focus on North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5. The program is the only provider of free breast health services to this age group in southern Nevada. With the support of Susan G. Komen Nevada, the program will provide: 1) 96 diagnostic mammograms; 2) 31 clinical breast examinations; 3) 80 physician follow-up examinations; 4) 131 breast ultrasounds; 5) 27 biopsies; and 6) 27 surgical consultations. Through the R.E.D. Rose Program, we expect to serve around 500 unduplicated individuals.
Phone: 702.492.8557 or visit

St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation
R.E.D. Rose Program Financial Assistance
The program’s goal is to ensure quality of care by providing financial support to those women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and who demonstrate a financial need. With the support of Susan G. Komen Nevada, the program will provide 30 clients undergoing treatment for breast cancer with financial assistance for housing, utilities, food, and transportation. We will serve residents of Clark County with a focus on North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5. This support will enable the clients to complete their medical treatment. We will track the number of clients, amount of support provided, and purpose of support.
Phone: 702.492.8557 or visit

Nevada Health Foundation – The Mammovan
Mammograms for Low Income, Uninsured, Underinsured, and/or Geographically Isolated Underserved Women
The Mammovan program will reduce barriers to quality breast cancer care for uninsured and underinsured Navada women, with a focus on the Komen priority areas of Carson City, Las Vegas Wards 3 and 5, North Las Vegas, Nye County and Washoe County. The program will provide state-of-the-art mammography screening, evidence-based and culturally relevant breast cancer education, and case management/navigation for women with abnormal findings. For the 2019 grant cycle, The Mammovan expects to screen nearly 3,000 women; 300 women with this Komen Nevada request. The Mammovan Program’s results will include increased access to potentially life-saving early detection screenings to support better patient outcomes. Outcome measures to be tracked include client information about the patient’s experience, the number of women screened, the number receiving one-on-one breast health education, and the number navigated to additional care, with that information tracked by county, race, and ethnicity.
Phone: 877.581.6266 or visit

Access to Healthcare Network
Breast Cancer Treatment/Post Treatment Services for Uninsured/Underinsured Women in Nevada
AHN is requesting $62,500 to provide breast cancer treatment and post treatment follow-up care to a minimum of 25 uninsured/underinsured women living in Nevada. AHN will use its Medical Discount Plan (MDP) and partnerships with medical providers who offer services to AHN members at deeply discounted rates (up to 85% off cash price) to provide each woman with financial assistance to access necessary breast cancer related medical care. Utilizing AHN’s network of over 2,000 providers to provide breast cancer treatment ensures that Komen funds are able to help as many women as possible. It is anticipated that this project will contribute to a decrease in breast cancer mortality rates in the Washoe County, Carson City, and Clark County areas by increasing the number of uninsured/underinsured women who are able to access necessary treatment in an appropriate time frame, a majority of whom would otherwise have no access to care and be at-risk of dying.
Phone: 775-284-8989 or visit

Northern Nevada HOPES
HOPES Breast Health Program
Each year, about 300 HOPES clients are unable to receive financial assistance for breast cancer screenings and/or diagnostic testing. These women are at risk of being diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. The target population is uninsured/underinsured women ineligible for other assistance programs. The program’s goal is to increase breast cancer screening rates in our community. To do this, HOPES will identify clients in need of screenings and give them reminder calls/postcards. When a patient needing a screening has a clinic appointment, staff will provide them with a screening referral, and conduct care coordination to ensure referral completion. This includes appointment scheduling, reminder calls, transportation, and resource linkage. Some of the ways HOPES will measure success is obtaining a 75% referral completion rate, linking 100% of those with a breast cancer diagnosis to financial treatment options, and providing care coordination to 100% of participants.
Phone: 775.786.4673 or visit

Community Health Alliance
Hispanic Breast Health Program
The purpose of CHA’s Hispanic Breast Health Program is to improve access and provide outreach, one-on-one education, breast cancer screening, diagnostic services and treatment support in Washoe County to 300 unduplicated, low-income, uninsured or underinsured patients, the majority of whom are Hispanic. CHA will select patients for services who have no other source of care. The 2017 Uniform Data System report for CHA shows that 59% of our patients are of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. By removing cost barriers through the use of a navigator, CHA expects to see fewer cases of later-stage diagnoses of breast cancer. Therefore, we expect to support the goal of fewer deaths due to breast cancer. CHA will provide breast cancer education, screening and diagnostic services, and patient navigation to 300 patients, 60% of whom will be Hispanic. We will track later-stage breast cancer rates using public data.
Phone: 775.329.6300 or visit

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation
ORION Cancer Foundation Grant Program
Breast cancer patients face increased financial burdens with the cost of treatment and medication. Those who work miss days due to treatment and its side-effects. Those on a fixed income, who don’t work or those retired face financial crisis. Also, there is a need for no cost screening mammograms for uninsured/underinsured patients. The target population for this program will be breast cancer patients in treatment, in financial crisis, and those who are uninsured/underinsured and in need of a screening. The goal is to provide financial support for basic needs and no cost screenings/mammograms to 60 people. Success is measured by the swift fulfillment of a patient’s needs. ORION will offer financial relief within one week after an approved application is submitted, allowing a patient to focus on their fight ahead. Mammograms will be arranged the day of the request for the first available appointment.
Phone: 702.735.8431 or visit

Renown Health Foundation
Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality Through Community Education, Access to Care for Underserved
Building on their current success, the goal of this program is to continue to support our community to make proactive choices on breast care in an effort to avoid late stage diagnosis or even death. This request will allow for 130 free screening services for low-income and/or minority women. Through this program, they will provide 58 diagnostic services to their target population of residents in the Washoe County and Carson City area. Patients who present symptoms outside of these areas will not be turned away. Renown Breast Cancer staff will work within the community to increase access for those who face economic and cultural barriers. This includes partnering with agencies serving minorities/under-served to publicize free services, attending health fair/community events to distribute program information/education, and navigating targeted population through the breast cancer continuum of care. They expect to serve 75 women over the grant period.
Phone: 775.982.5545 or visit