I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor: Alicia Brock

I was at home by myself when my surgeon called to tell my biopsy from the day before had come back. I had cancer. I called my husband right away and he rushed home.

The treatment sucked. Chemotherapy was horrible. I reacted to the chemotherapy differently each time. The first wasn’t so bad. The second was awful. I had complications ranging from liver issues, an allergic reaction and I even developed a scar on my wrist that resembled a chemical burn. Sometimes my mouth was so raw I couldn’t eat, my tongue was swollen and food didn’t taste right.

The third chemotherapy treatment was on my 35th birthday. I decided to keep the appointment because it was supposed to be my last. I thought it would be a good celebration, but it ended up not being my last. Due to my liver complications, the doctors had to ease up on the chemotherapy so my body could recuperate. For my birthday that year my husband gave me cups and plates I had been eyeing for a while and when he handed them to me I just cried. I couldn’t stop it. He felt so bad; he thought it was the gift. He even offered to take it back. It wasn’t the gift; it was exhaustion.

My husband and my entire family were supportive throughout my treatment. Even the school and church in my area helped with meals from August 2013 to March of this year. It helped not just me, but also my husband. I traveled to Reno for treatment and stayed with my younger brother, so many times my husband was left alone with our young children. The meals gave him one less thing to worry about when I wasn’t there. Through all of that I can proudly say I have been a survivor for almost a year since my diagnosis in August of 2013.

Positive attitude has a lot to do with beating cancer. You must plan to fight when you are diagnosed. Fight no matter what, no matter how you feel. More importantly, you cannot play the “what if” game. I made a conscious decision from the beginning that I would not do that. I focused on what there was and that was that.

Story by Pypeline Editing

Alicia and John Brock

Alicia Brock and her husband John.
Photograph taken the day before her first chemotherapy.