I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor: Shaina Cervantes

I remember being in the office with the surgeon who had removed the large mass from my right breast. My husband was with me and it felt like the world had stopped spinning. The surgeon, however, assured me that we had this under control.

I began my treatments, which were difficult but I always tried to focus on the end result. It was hard coming home not feeling well and having my two little girls wonder why their mommy wasn’t playing with them. That was the hardest part. My parents frequently took the girls for sleepovers so they wouldn’t feel any difference in the family.

I have been a survivor since August 3, 2012, but thankfully I did not have to go through this alone. I received a lot of support from my family, especially my wonderful husband and my mom. I surrounded myself with positive people who looked at me as me—not someone who was sick. I received assistance from Susan G Komen in strength and support. SGK always made me feel like I had a support group in my corner. Reading stories of other survivors and the book, The Secret, also helped me to get through this by seeing what others went through.

My advice is to never dwell on the negative and always pull yourself to the positive side; the road may have boulders in it blocking the beautiful sunset on the other side. Also remember you are not alone; reach out to those around you. Live your life and do what makes you happy and be grateful for every breath you take.

Story by Pypeline Editing

Shaina Pic

Photo: Shaina Cervantes