Las Vegas Race for the Cure

Thank You

Thank you Las Vegas for another successful Race for the Cure!

We thank you for your dedication and commitment and for getting up early on May 6th to come out and celebrate the wins, honor the losses and join thousands as we continue to show this disease that while we may not have you beat yet, we are absolutely not going to stop the fight!

 Registration & Fundraising:

Total Registered Participants: 6,653
Estimated Crowd Size: 8,000 +
Total Funds Raised by Participants: $171,895.76

Race for the Cure Pictures:

Click here to view some of the pictures from the Race. Be sure to check back soon because we will be adding more as they come in!

Race Results for Timed Runners:

Click here to view your timed results for the 2015 Race for the Cure.

Top Overall Fundraisers:

 1. Mary Beth Easter – $8,940.00
2. Esther Verzani – $5,045.00
3. Heidi Desch – $5,043.00

Top Team Fundraisers by Division:

Corporate Division

  • Corporate Under 250 Employees
    Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa & Casino – $10,994.00
    Team Captain: Mary Beth Easter
  • Corporate 250-499 Employees
    CenturyLink Team Melcher – $4,516.85
    Team Captain: Gina Perchetti
  • Corporate 500+ Employees
    Four Seasons – $7,848.48
    Team Captain: Patricia Fisher

School Division

  • Elementary School
    Lummis Lasers- $554.00
    Team Captain: Christine Moore
  • Middle School
    Remedy Advocates – $901.00
    Team Captain: Katherine Lovell
  • High School
    Adult Education – $190.00
    Team Captain: Lupe Mares
  • College
    CSN Coyote Cancer Killers – $2,515.00
    Team Captain: Kathy Eghoian

Healthcare Division

  • Healthcare Under 250 Employees
    Team Sonoma/Omni Care – $1,777.00
    Team Captain: Ashley Wood
  • Healthcare 500+ Employees
    CCCN – $2,035.00
    Team Captain: Sarah Scott

Open Division

  • Team Sue – $7,478.00
    Team Captain: MarySue Weiss


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